Designed for Educators Intuitive designs engaging student activities Open platform Easy to implement

Designed for Educators

Developed by Educators

Intuitive designs

Using Excel spreadsheets

engaging student activities

make learning fun

Open platform

Build your own instruments

Easy to implement

Save time and money


Examine our growing list of smartphone and microcontroller-based instrumentation.

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Instructional Videos

Learn how to use a smartphone spectroscope, build a pH meter, and much more…

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Resources for Students

SpecWorksheetSpecWorksheet ScopeHandOut-HSLaboratory supplements including smartphone app downloads, spreadsheet templates, instructional videos and more…

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Curriculum resources for Educators

Laboratory exercises with instructor’s notes, peer-reviewed literature articles and more…

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We develop inexpensive open-source technology for high schools and college chemistry/physics courses. Examine our growing product line and contact us to beta test our latest products.


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