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Chemical Demonstrations [5, 9, 12, 21, 22,23]
Instrumental Methods
Signal processing [6, 7, 8,13, 14]
Spectroscopy: Atomic spectroscopy [2, 16, 17, 18], UV-Visible [3, 7, 11, 15], Infrared [4], NMR [10], Mass Spectrometry [4, 18]
Electrochemistry [1, 11, 19]
Chromatography: Gas Chromatography [4, 14, 18], Liquid Chromatography [6]

  1. An Open Platform Microcontrolled-pH Meters
  2. Analyzing Line Emission Spectra Viewed Through a Spectroscope Using a Smartphone
  3. A Beer’s Law Problem Integrating Multiple Linear Regression and Simplex Optimization
  4. Presumptive and Confirmatory Tests using Analogs of Illicit Drugs
  5. Bottoms Up to the Scientific Method
  6. Constructing a LabVIEW-Controlled High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  7. Using Multiple Linear Regression to Analyze Mixtures
  8. Linear Regression and Error Analysis for Calibration Curves and Standard Additions
  9. Electrochemical Polishing of Silverware
  10. Qualitative Analysis of Several Amino Acids by COSY and DEPT Using Low-Field NMR
  11. Spectroelectrochemical Determination of the Redox Potential of Cytochrome c via Multiple Regression
  12. Construction of an Inexpensive Portable Fume Hood Suitable for Small Classroom Demonstrations
  13. Processing Noisy Signals
  14. Simplex Optimization of Headspace-Enrichment Conditions of Residual Petroleum Distillates Used by Arsonists
  15. A Colorful Investigation of a Diprotic Acid
  16. Elemental Analysis of Wisdom Teeth by Atomic Spectroscopy Using Standard Additions
  17. Determination of Arsenic in Drinking Water by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  18. Qualitative Analysis of Herbs by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS).
  19. A Study of the Oxidation Pathway of Adrenaline by Cyclic Voltammetry
  20. Analysis of the Essential Nutrient Strontium in Marine Aquariums by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  21. The Liquid Nitrogen Fueled Engine
  22. The Salting Out of Ethanol and Water
  23. Elegant flame test