Examine our growing list of smartphone and microcontroller-based instrumentation.

Our products utilize free software or Excel templates, and we provide curriculum resources. See product pricing, ordering information, and product descriptions below.

Smartphone spectroscope- $59
iPad spectroscope- $89
Microcontroller-base pH meter- $125

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Smartphone Spectroscope

A spectroscope separates light into its component wavelengths. It is useful in identifying elements. This scope fits onto a smartphone, comes with a free downloadable app, and is easily calibrated with a fluorescent light bulb.

Scope features
– ABS construction
– fits most phones
– adjustable slit
– film grating, 1000 lines/mm

App features:
– zoom control
– image freeze/capture
– touchscreen wavelength cursor
– calibration reference scales

iPad Spectroscope

-Same features as smartphone spectroscope for the iPad
-Utilizes durable modified clamping system.





Microcontroller-based pH meter


-Assembly required
-Data read in real time into Excel
-Easy to calibrate
-Open source platform

Hardware (required)
circuit board
-pH electrode

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